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Psychology Attachment & Developmental


Interpersonal NeuroBiology

Mindfulness & Awareness practices

Jungian Psychology

Somatic Psychotherapies

Process Oriented Psychology

Deep Ecology

Movement & Art modalities


Client centered, experience & process oriented, in this present moment...

I focus on resources,

& working simultaneously

with the physiology, psychology & mythic/ transpersonal path of people.

I focus on the interplay between "identities",

the capacity for connection (to Self / other / society),

Self Regulation (nervous system),

Self Reflection (as a felt sense, cognitive, essential self/nature)

& our Collective field or global/ cultural / social contexts....

(Systems understanding of Deep Ecology)


I use "Top Down" & "Bottom Up" approaches...

"Top Down" emphasizes cognitions & emotions,

"Bottom Up" focuses on the body, the felt sense & instinctive responses...

Utilizing the continuous loops of information from body to brain & brain to body,

& between the brain stem, limbic system & neo cortex....

I use roles, dreaming, relational or momentary situations...


This is an empathic, mindful, somatic awareness of Self in this present moment....

an invitation into this fundamental process of enquiry

or cultivation of awareness...

which encompasses cognitive, emotional, felt sense, physiological, dreaming, mythic...awareness here & now.

"...the systemic application of attention can alter physiological systems

that change the way everything works..." (S. Hoskinson Phd)

With progressive exploration this reinforces connection to self as a continuous somatic experience in the present moment...

A Sense of being "at home"...at a felt sense level of our own embodied awareness...

Giving a "core"...a healthy boundaried yet inter~connected container

& an anchor in this sea of information

of our human experience in a nervous system.

Alive, vibrant, responsive, creative, resilient...

...Safe, in the developing capacity to self regulate & self reflect...


A Resource oriented focus, empathic, somatic mindfulness & following subtle shifts in the nervous system seems fundamental in recognizing & re wiring the predictive tendencies of the brain. It is connection to our essential Self/ our body / sensory experience & healthy connection with other people that brings Self Regulation, a growing deep inner sense of resiliency, vibrancy, an embodied connection with Source & Nature.


Aliveness & inter connectedness...our potential innate design & capacity...



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