Resiliency Coaching & Mentoring     

       -  the art of leaning into the edge
          of the emerging new

in these times of intense change 

- learn to lean into the edge of the emerging new

- to befriend the unknown

- surf the gap

- cultivate your resiliency

- hone your unique way


Learn to 

-  catch, surf, orientate & collaborate in the waves of constant change 

-  hold space for the VOID or GAP between familiar & unfamiliar

-  being IN the creative tension for new emerging possibilities

-  access flow states in yourself 

Navigate CHAOS 

-  how do we navigate the UNKNOWN?

-  how to BE & stay aligned in chaos? 

Make Sense & MEANING 

-  in chaos 

-  in the unknown  

-  in new times of immense change on all levels

 Why enhance embodied awareness skills? 

-  to identify, follow & connect shifting processes internally & interpersonally 

-  to cultivate DUAL AWARENESS

-  a new currency for emerging leadership styles

-  practice experiential learning on the spot

Why practice embodied mindfulness?

-  to empower empathic PRESENCE 

-  because presence, in itself, is an intervention & an interactive methodology 

-  it facilitates deepening the moments of meeting, where learning & change happen

Explore relational intelligence 

-  preverbal language before language

-  skills for recognizing & applying windows of opportunity for insight & change 

-  develop social intelligence & competencies 

-  mirroring & pacing

-  somatic & evolutionary perspectives

Practically apply Entanglement & Interrelatedness 

-  cultivate knowledge & awareness of a systems intelligence

-  practice noticing the field dynamics 

-  tracking for innate solutions 

-  invite awarenes & relationship between diversity

-  participate in inner & outer diversity, uncover & be curious about inherited &
   inherent bias’s

Refine your capacity

-  for self agency, self regulation, self reflection = RESILIENCY

-  for consistency & focus to follow through with INNOVATION

Hone your unique way to lean into the BIGGER CONTEXT for knowing,
“The TAO that cannot be spoken”
& experience conscious embodiment
as home base for vitality, energy, creativity, belonging & inclusion.


I am fascinated by how we learn, what enhances, encourages & supports stepping out of our comfort zone, to include more facets of our being or more sustainable inherent wholeness, personally, interpersonally & globally. 

I am a catalyst for change. 

I practice and learn from the question: How do we constantly surf the edge of emerging information; paradoxically, while also cultivating resting in the foundation of silent, vibrant presence that runs through all of life? 

It is with deepest honoring & gratitude for all my teachers, that I will forever be curious, continuing to learn, grow, & share whatever I know, as I go.

I was born in Uganda, grew up in New Zealand & for the last 29 years I have been based in Denmark. I have traveled, studied, researched, lived & worked with people from all over the world. 


  • Process Oriented & Systems Centered approaches 
  • Neuroscience, Interpersonal NeuroBiology
  • Mindfulness & Awareness practices
  • NeuroAffective Developmental Psychology, Attachment & Trauma SE®
  • Somatic trainings
  • Deep Ecology 
  • Art, Creativity & Conscious Movement modalities 

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